According to ancient Indian scriptures, Brahma the creator in the Trinity of Gods creates the Universe at the beginning of a Brahma day which lasts for about 311 trillion earth years. Towards the end of it the Universe is destroyed and nothing exists during Brahma night the duration of which is exactly equal to that of a Brahma day. The day and night is metaphorical for beginning and end. Equal duration of Brahma day and night indicates symmetry and balance. Both apply across the Universe. We have two eyes, two hands, two feet, two ears. Same with animals. Brahma, for me, is the metaphor for a certain amount of energy that alternately rises to a tipping point and inflates for a finite period of time after which it contracts and ultimately collapses into itself. Then there is a period of cooling time after which the energy becomes active again. A rubber band in its normal state will have an abundance of potential energy. If it is looped across something and stretched it will keep stretching to its maximum capacity until all its potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and spent. Then it will contract and return to its original state and position. The same will happen with the Universe as well. The overarching question here is what triggers the repeated inflation and contraction of the Universe. If an external force or intervention is triggering it then that for me would be something divine till we comprehend it.


Business Consultant, Startup mentor, writer, nature conservationist, wildlife photographer

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